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For all the ways Thane promotes himself as a skilled master of combat, Shepard thinks to herself that his greatest weapon is his mouth.

She loves kissing him. His lips close over hers and he tastes like warmth and comfort and home. He’s entirely too good at what he does - reducing her to a quivering mess with jelly legs and stars behind her eyes. His tongue is slow and sure, never shy but never forceful. As strong and soothing as the currents of the sea.

It’s the kiss that always does her in. She’s floating by the time they make it to the bedroom, clinging to his shoulders like she’ll drift away if she even thinks about letting him go. He lowers her gently to the bed to lose his jacket and she whimpers at the loss of him, however brief it may be. He returns to pull himself over her in only a moment. Steady hands pull her hair free of it’s disciplined bun, massaging her scalp.

His jumpsuit isn’t complicated. She didn’t think she would ever find jumpsuits attractive in any way, but this one suits Thane just fine. Tight and ergonomic, clinging to his body like it was painted on. She delights in it, in fact, pulling down his zipper, dragging it slowly to where it stops at his navel before pushing her hands impatiently beneath the material. In her haze, he feels like a space heater. His warmth seeps in through her fingers and into her core, warming her like a strong drink. She runs her hands up the scales of his back and the thick straps slip over his shoulders, leaving the garment around his hips.

He pulls from her again, dragging her pants down her legs as he goes, disrobing himself, further disrobing her, unraveling her as his scales meet her skin finally when they’re both free of those last material barriers - and this is where the fun really begins.

The deadly, lethal weapon that is his mouth wanders down her neck, leaving marks over her pulse and shoulder and breasts. He kisses the insides of her wrists, the tips of her fingers, the hard curves of her hips. As his saliva dries on her skin, she flies higher and higher and oh- he hasn’t even touched her yet. She shakes when he reaches her thighs, hands sliding outright indecently down her hips, parting her legs purely with his seductive prowess and his hot breath cooling on her inner thighs. Head in the clouds, she whimpers at the power of him, burning like the irresistible temptation he is.

She’s lost when his tongue finally meets her eager, heated flesh. Her vision swims so she shuts her eyes, assailed by fireworks of sensation erupting at her core. He reins a tight leash on her arousal, bringing her closer and closer to that white hot precipice before dragging her back again and again. Thick fingers tease her entrance, circling, pushing slowly inside as he laves her clit with lazy strokes of his tongue. Fingers splay over his scalp and she chokes on her sharp gasps, moaning, crying his name, wanting with everything she is for this goddamn tease to just finish it, send her flying over the edge

He licks a long, slow line up her slit before climbing over her. She grasps at him, desperate, legs quivering as they curl around his thighs and his ridged cock slides over her sex. His lips fold over hers in the sparkling, brightly lit land of her euphoria. She writhes in his arms. All the sensation in the world can’t be enough in this liquid headspace, cocooned by heat and pleasure. Large hands close over her breasts and he indulges her, rocking against her slick heat. His prick slides achingly slow over her swollen flesh, each ridge dragging over her clit, bathing her in wave after wave of sensation. Her climax comes too easily, hitting her like a freight train, and when she squeezes her eyes shut, she misses how the corner of his mouth turns up in a smug smile.

Still shaking from the aftershocks, she tilts her hips upward and finally, he sinks into her. The feeling is exquisite. He shines atop her, glistening, greens cycling, fading, intensifying across his body as he finds his pace. Her eyes are glazed over, gazing at him and seeing but not really seeing. For only a moment, she sees galaxies in his eyes, spinning and whirling, as vast and deep as the Encompassing. And then she’s crying out, clinging to him because he’s lifting her just slightly off the bed and the new angle feels beyond incredible. His arms protectively around her, he kisses her hard enough to swallow her wails of ecstasy.

He spends himself within her and the effect leaves her feeling tingly all over, especially in their more intimate points of contact. He’s lowering her to the bed, stroking her hair, kissing her with such softness, as though she’ll break if he so much as breathes on her wrong.

As the sweat cools on her body, she feels almost minty, swears she can see steam rising like twinkling stars off of her skin. Thane crawls up to lay next to her. She can feel his rapid heartbeat cradles her against his warm body. They drift to sleep in the afterglow of their lovemaking, safe in this last bastion of hope in the galaxy.
Here's me kicking down your door ala Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 4.

I'm sad to announce that I'm unofficially officially retired from Mass Effect fanfiction for the time being, and I'll tell you what I miss it a great deal but the spark isn't there. This is an old upload from Holiday Harbinger on tumblr in December 2014 holy shit okay my entire life got 180'd after I graduated college so my emotional state, living situation, and amount of free time is wildly different than it was when I was still active in the fandom but literally I do miss it.

But yes here's my gift to another tumblr user for the 2014 Holiday Harbinger, featuring Alex Shepard getting higher than Mt. Everest courtesy of Thane's mouth and as one user so eloquently put it, couch sized lips.

I'm hoping Mass Effect: Andromeda will bring with it some beautiful new inspiration. Cheers guys, I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.
Which I will gladly do, lol

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people, and put their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read this".
7. You have to tag 10 people.

1. If you could be a superhero from any comic, movie, game, blah blah, who would you be and why?
I'd like to be Zet, Blessed Defender of Nordrassil. Shadow priest and guild master of Innovation. Because I've been a WoW player for seven years.

2. If given the opportunity would you want to live forever?
Only if I can eventually choose to die.

3. The Zombie Apocalypse has happened!  Millions of people have risen from their deaths and are now chasing (slowly) after you and what is left of humanity for your internal organs.  What weapon do you choose to defend your life?
I have this camping cot that I always keep in my car. It has these heavy aluminum poles that are used to stabilize the cot when it's unfolded, but they're also great for swinging at shit and I live in an area with a lot of crime so I always keep one close at hand in the car.

4. You are now in the Mass Effect universe!  What species would you like to be and why?
Asari. I get to have mindblowing neural sex, live for a long ass time, and be respected. The only downside is that I will inevitably outlive my drell husband.

5. Thor or Loki?
I have close friends that are heathens and follow Thor and Loki as gods. I have an immense amount of respect for these powerful and influential deities. This doesn't mean I hate Thor and Loki as comic heroes, but it's just difficult for me to see them that way.

6. Do you believe that the favorite cartoon from your childhood has reflected the way you currently live your life?
Honestly, I don't remember what my favorite cartoon from my childhood was.

7. Can someone please explain to me this Doge meme that I keep seeing pop up all over the place?  I don’t get it.
Doge is a shiba inu that says wow so ____ very ____ idk wow so fashion very meme i am coolest idk idk doge makes me laugh every time tho

8. What kind of artistic talent would you like to have that you currently don’t (singing, playing a musical instrument, draw paint or sculpt, writer or poet, ect…)?
Drawing. This would help me professionally and also I would draw so much drell porn, I would draw everyone's OC's naked and Thane and Feron and Kolyat I would take requests I would illustrate my fanfics and I would be an internet sensation omg it would be amazing, so many hot drell.

9. Do you have a guilty pleasure you’d like to share?
Sometimes I get off while I'm writing porn.

10. Okay, I’m really running out of ideas here.  That’s not a question, just a line to take up some space but if you want to add something here, be my guest!
      Yo thanks for tagging me!


1. Show me the hottest drell OC you've ever seen.
2. Have any bad habits?
3. What did you have for dinner?
4. Share some of your favorite headcanon for anything at all.
5. Name a song that you used to love but overplayed and now you're like 'meh.'
6. Describe a dream you have had many times, or at least more than once.
7. What kind of weather is your favorite?
8. Share an unpopular opinion.
9. Is it worth it to express your anger? Is it worth it to get angry in the first place?
10. Lie to me about something.

Okay I'm not tagging anyone. I don't like to pick people because I don't want to make anyone feel less loved or wanted or something. If you read my journal and you want to repost, consider yourself tagged.

If you read my fanfiction, please accept this gigantic tired hug from me and my nemuneko <3


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